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Knuckle boom crane Bob-Lift

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Telescopic Crane Bob-Lift

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Pickup Crane Bob-Lift

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Timber Crane Bob-Lift

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Marine Crane Bob-Lift

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We offer a wide range of lifting cranes.

Articulated loader crane

  • Crane manipulator with telescopic boom
  • Truck mounted crane manipulator
  • Crane manipulator for timber handling
  • Offshore Jib Crane

The choice of the group and model of the manipulator crane is determined by the nature of the work carried out, the type and weight of the overloaded cargo. 

Hydraulic Loader Crane Price

The price depends on the carrying capacity and the availability of various types of load grippers, remote control devices. We offer consultations on the technical characteristics of models, compatibility with the chassis of automobile brands, installation of the manipulator on a truck.


The loader crane is an efficient multifunctional industrial truck. Hydraulic cranes manipulators are more maneuverable than an automobile crane, they allow combining the functions of loading / unloading and transporting goods, they are often used as tow trucks for cars. Cars with a crane manipulator are used for loading and unloading operations, transportation of bulky goods, construction, communal, agricultural, landscape works. The equipment is characterized by high maneuverability and accuracy of cargo movement.


The company "Cranbud - Kiev Plant of Cranes" provides technical support for the sold equipment, supply of spare parts and consumables through its dealer network. All consumable and wearing components of hydraulic manipulator cranes are easy to order from the manufacturer's warehouse.