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Stationary and mobile concrete pumps

The concrete pump is a popular equipment during construction. Concrete pumps pump concrete from the place of preparation to the place of laying, which greatly simplifies the work and reduces the amount of labor.

Which concrete pump to buy, stationary or mobile?

Both options are popular. The stationary version is chosen for its solid power, stable operation even in difficult conditions on the construction site and reliability. The concrete pump truck is chosen for its mobility and ability to pump liquid concrete in a vertical and horizontal position.

How is concrete served?

With a piston. In such installations, the movement of concrete is provided by the operation of the piston. Note that this version of the technique still has several subspecies, which differ in their design.
Using a vacuum. The concrete moves due to the formation of a vacuum in the receiving chute.

You need to choose a concrete pump based on your needs. It is worth noting that the engine power differs from model to model, as well as the length of the concrete dispensing boom. In some models, it can be up to 70 meters in length.