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Electro-hydraulic grabs

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The company "Cranbud of the Kiev Crane Plant" offers a line of mechanical and electro-hydraulic grabs - loading, digging, for grain, for timber, scrap metal, handling bulk materials, deluxe works. Orange grapples are divided into three types depending on the degree of jaw closure. The closed type, in which the jaws close completely, is used for handling small bulk materials - cereals, sand, etc. The open type, between the narrow jaws of which there are large openings, is convenient for loading scrap metal, logs and similar goods. The semi-closed grabs are intermediate between the first two. 


The grab device implies its installation to a crane or any similar equipment.
Attached equipment grab has a difference between the models according to the kinematic feature, according to which all devices can be divided into equipment:

  • rope - the jaws are mounted to the drive winches by means of a flexible rope;
  • drive - the working mechanism is located directly on the equipment.

The drive grippers can be categorized according to the type of work equipment and power source. According to this criterion, grabs are:

  • motor - operate from the energy of the engine;
  • hydraulic - work from the hydraulic system of special equipment;
  • electro-hydraulic - an electrically powered pump is located in the upper part of the unit;
  • pneumatic - they require a pneumatic network.

The technical characteristics of the grabber determine the "front" of its work, as well as the special equipment recommended as a base.
Attachments grab can:

  • be installed on loaders, cranes, excavators;
  • be hung on the hook of a lifting crane;
  • work from a stationary pneumatic system.

Pick up a grab by technical characteristics

To buy a grapple of optimal specialization, you need to correctly analyze the technical characteristics. Specialists of the "Cranbud of the Kiev Crane Plant" will help you figure out what needs to be taken into account when evaluating the types of grabs - the load with which the equipment will have to work and the place of direct installation of the device. The carrying capacity of the machine when analyzing its capabilities is calculated as the sum of the mass of the potential load and the weight of the grab.