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Construction mini spider cranes

Lifting and transport works in the room always cause difficulties for builders due to the complexity of delivery of lifting equipment, insufficient strength of floor slabs, the presence of engine exhaust gases in the room, etc. Spider cranes are able to pass to the room through a standard doorway, not moving floors, they are quite light and can be delivered by a large crane to the upper floors - directly to the workplace.


Mini-cranes are characterized by the versatility of the designers and the ability to work indoors and outdoors due to the presence of a hybrid drive (there are options: internal combustion engine (ICE) on liquid fuel or gas, plus electric motor). In addition, it is simply dangerous to deliver gasoline to a high-rise building, and builders are trying hard to avoid it.


Heavily rugged, mountainous or forested terrain is also not an obstacle to the operation of mini-spider cranes. Due to their light weight, "spiders" work on weak soil. Mini-cranes can be located as close as possible to the object, so to perform such work will require a mini-crane with less than the mobile crane, the length of the boom. In many cases, spider cranes are used because they are the only lifting machines that can penetrate into a narrow space, but at the same time have a fairly large load capacity. The design of spider cranes is constantly being improved, for example, extended goose booms have been developed.